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  Congressman Trey Gowdy visited Woodruff Middle School Dec. 18, 2014 to present an "I am an Achiever" award to a special 6th grader.  Anthony Rodriquez Arellano was honored with a certificate and some special comments from Congressman Gowdy.  Mr. Gowdy enjoyed spending time with Mrs. Jennifer Smith's English class and talked with the students about achievement.  Gowdy reminded students not to mistake fame for success.  “While we all know some famous people,” he remarked, “our country was built and continues to flourish because of the hard work and efforts of very ordinary people like you and me.”   Congressman Gowdy also reminded students that you never know what people are dealing with on the inside, and it pays to be kind and nice to folks.  Thank you, Congressman Gowdy, for the time you spent at WMS, and congratulations to Anthony! 

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2013-2014 Palmetto Silver Award for Closing the Achievement Gap

The South Carolina Department of Education has recently announced that Woodruff Middle School has been recognized in the Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program.   The program recognizes schools that attain high levels of academic performance and that show growth from year to year.    This is the 3rd year in a row Woodruff Middle has received a Palmetto Silver Award.  Our student body will once again be presented with a commemorative flag that will be displayed in the cafeteria.  
Our dedicated teachers, hardworking students, and our supportive parents and community all share in this recognition!
For a complete listing of schools who received awards, visit the South Carolina Department of Education’s website at www.ed.sc.gov.